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Hi, I’m Sonja

I launched Wild Orange to blend wellbeing with conscious leadership.  I found my way to wellbeing because I burnout.  After recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome my passion for living simply, sharing the science and practice of wellbeing with conscious leadership grew.  I spent close to two decades in international economic development, working with some of the world’s most innovative enterprises from start-ups to large corporates in the UK, USA and Australia.

I create programs and retreats for individuals and business.  The foundation of all my programs is breathwork.  Yes breathing.  It is a simple yet profound tool we all have at our disposal to minimize stress and enhance wellbeing and life. 

Through a range of leadership tools and my decades of experience I can help you and your team navigate transformation and change, understand how you want your people to feel, play to their superpowers and communicate effectively.  Increase EQ,  lead from kindness, put people at the centre of leadership development reducing burnout, increasing productivity and creativity. 

I am addicted to stationery and coffee, love bright red lipstick and colorful scarves they make all days sunnier. Always have a camera in my hand making memories. My friends are my pillar of strength.  Connecting people and building community brings me joy.  


Creating your own rituals makes the new possible, carrying you forward into and through life.

My Story

Born in a small town on the west coast of Scotland, the desire to travel was ignited on a family trip to New York when I was seven years old.  I remember looking up at the buildings that reached the sky.  This wanderlust would see me migrate to Melbourne, Australia with less rain and more sun.

A self-confessed perfectionist overachiever, I didn’t think anything about working long hours and weekends, focusing on my career, while being there for everyone.  Keeping everything going perfectly or so I thought.

In 2011, I got a virus, a regular sore throat and headache virus that I thought would pass after a few days of rest.  It didn’t, and I didn’t feel better after a few days, a few weeks or a few months. Mentally and physically exhausted, I was getting progressively worse, and I had no idea what was happening.

I had pushed myself beyond my edge, past my tipping point, I had reached complete exhaustion, burnout.  I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME after many months of misdiagnosis, fear, and confusion. It was both a relief and scary as hell as I learned, there is no cure.



Whether you burnt out or living with CFS, it is scary and lonely.  I know what it feels like when no one listens or understands. To be told you are crazy or lazy and it’s all in your head.  That there is nothing wrong with you.   All you want is to feel normal, be normal, return to normal but you have no idea where to start to be well.  Each day was like running on 5 percent battery.

Being from a lineage of tenacious, stubborn and curious Scots I drew on the strength of my grandmother’s wisdom and made a resolve to figure it out.   I knew I had to take back control, guide my own recovery and ask myself hard questions.  How did I get here?  What made me tip over the edge? How do I rebuild?

To be truly well I needed to heal my body, mind, and spirit.  I explored holistic treatments including acupuncture and homeopathy, learned to let go of perfectionism (good is good enough), limiting beliefs, relationships that were longer working and learning to say yes to me to live authentically.  I live my life very differently, I am healthy and happy, and haven’t had a relapse since 2012.  Each day I do a dance with myself, what do I need today?

Welcome to Wild Orange, where I am sharing what I have learned and continue to learn with you in the hope that it can also support you in your wellbeing journey.


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