Demystifying Menopause

Demystifying Menopause

This phase in life can be confronting and confusing. Women often have no idea what is going on. Our Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers and even Mothers may not have talked about menopause, so we can feel very alone.

It was only when the First Congress of the International Menopause Society gathered in 1976 that an effort was made to define menopause. The World Health Organisation began to review and expand the vocabulary around menopause to include premenopause, premature menopause, induced menopause and menopause transition in the early 1980s.

We now have access to a wealth of information, from medical research to self-care techniques, and can change this for ourselves and the women to follow us.


Menopause Transition

I am going through menopause transition.  During menopause transition or perimenopause we will experience a range of different symptoms which for some will be mild and others more challenging.

I have experienced a range of symptoms which at first I attributed to other things like 30 degree heat and lack of sleep but when I started to speak to my friends and research I realised I was actually seeing early signs of menopause.


Importance of managing stress

Breathing is my cornerstone and foundation to help me build stress resilience.  Learning to breath low and slow from your belly will support you to navigate menopause and life in general.

Download and try the three part breathing exercise to start to learn the power of your breath.

The Future of Menopause

You are unique and amazing, celebrate your uniqueness, share your story with others. Let’s start the conversation around menopause and change attitudes for our generation and all those who follow us.


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