build a culture that is more human and empathetic





At Wild Orange we use the amazing tool The Emotional Culture Deck created by Riders and Elephants. 

How does it work? Workshops are created based on your needs for both your leadership team and your employees.

Everyone gets a deck so that they can have their say.

As a leader, ask yourself how do we want our people to feel at work?

As an employee, ask yourself how do I want to feel at work?






Working with Wild Orange we use the culture deck to help you start the conversation and explore different emotions in your workplace and the impact they have.  As a group you leave with a series of actions that support the culture you want to build. 

Contact me to find out more, increase productivity and wellbeing to talk about how we can work together to make the world better

Five Minutes - Five Pauses - Five days

Five is an invitation to slow down and regain calm in a sea of busy.  Free workbook and cards.
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Wild Orange: Wellbeing Made Simple
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