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At Wild Orange we care about you, your team, your growth and your wellbeing. 

The world today struggles with big problems, big changes and ever evolving environments yet we use the same tools and ideas to understand our business.  Career and social wellbeing are core elements of our overall health and wellbeing.  Burnout, stress, anxiety are all on the rise, change the way you work to improve wellbeing and productivity.  It doesn’t need to be one or the other!

We focus on leading with kindness, placing people at the center of employee experience and leadership development.   

building human centered leadership

How do you build and grow a business that puts it’s people at the center? Human Centered Leadership.  Building on individual and team strengths, creating a culture of openness, play, innovation and creativity.  Making it ok to talk about emotions and building an emotional open workplace.

There are three core tools used at Wild Orange to help you unravel those big challenges and engage your teams and to start the conversation.

Lego Serious Play – Strengths Profile – The Emotional Culture Deck

Lego Serious Play, creative problem solving, obtain different outcomes, new solutions, a new direction using kinaesthetic learning.  Find out more 

Strengths Profile – Rediscover your mojo!  Finding what you can do and love to do.  Find out more here

The Emotional Culture Deck – create more human and empathetic workplace

Find out more here


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    Five Minutes - Five Pauses - Five days

    Five is an invitation to slow down and regain calm in a sea of busy.  Free workbook and cards.
    Wild Orange: Wellbeing Made Simple

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    Wild Orange: Wellbeing Made Simple
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