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At Wild Orange we care about you, your team, your growth and your wellbeing.  The world today struggles with big problems, big changes and ever evolving environments yet we use the same tools and ideas.  

At Wild Orange we focus on three areas placing people at the center of our employee experience and leadership development.

Find your mojo using Strengths Profiling to help you unlock unrealized potential, this unique tool not only identifies strengths and unrealized strengths but also what energizes and de-energizes you!  

Lego Serious Play, creative problem solving, obtain different outcomes, new solutions, a new direction using kinaesthetic learning.

Emotional Intelligence underpins our capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions.  The World Economic Forum has identified this as one of the top ten skills required by leaders now and into the future.  Using a unique approach developed by Riders and Elephants, Wild Orange can help you build EI, building increased human centered leaders. 



The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (thanks Einstein), yet this is exactly how we run most meetings and workshops and wonder why we get the same outcomes.

 Enter Lego Serious Play (LSP).  Everyone Builds Everyone Shares

 LSP is all a facilitation tool using design thinking to enable meaning, learning and creative collaboration.

 Through the use of LSP you can transform your outcomes and we all want that right?

 Benefits include:

  • Group discussion and collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Active listening
  • Learn collaboratively
  • Tangible and interactive tool
  • Taps into your human ability to imagine

The LSP process, when led by a qualified facilitator uses LEGO® bricks as metaphors to create a narrative, a story, a model, a vision.

How you use LEGO® Serious Play® –  the possibilities are limitless:

  • LSP is a method, a process which leads participants through a series of steps to tell a story, create a narrative, build, reflect, and create a shared understanding of an objective and outcome
  • Problem solve with your team, explore ideas and achieve objectives from a new vision or strategy to shorter-term goals of quarterly outcomes
  • Highly effective communication and team building tool
  • Understand values and create shared values for teams, enterprise, individuals
  • Achieve enhanced expression, deeper listening, and better memory
  • Create and agree on shared outcomes
It was our pleasure to welcome Sonja from Wild Orange to lead us through a LEGO® Serious Play® exercise to help us get into the creative zone. We ran an exercise to introduce all our CAmpers new and old to each other. The challenge – build a model that explains what makes you happy? Travelling, being in high places, gardening, music festivals, interesting conversations, anything orange! swimming, keeping fit, family, chocolate – we had it all. A great way to team build and would thoroughly recommend it as a great icebreaker.

 Nick Matthews, GM CultureAmp EMEA


sonja@wildorange.co to chat about how Lego® Serious Play® can transform your team

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