LEGO® Serious Play®

Transform your meetings, workshops, your leadership

LEGO® What?

Never heard of LEGO® Serious Play®?  Nor had I, but once you discover the incredible outcomes you can achieve embracing creativity and play no meeting, workshop, planning session will ever be the same.

I have sat through and led meetings and workshops where the outcomes are always the same.  The conversation dominated by the same people, no new ideas coming forward for fear of being judged or the dreaded “we tried that before and it didn’t work.”  EnterLEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), a proven methodology based on insights from neuroscience.  Developed in 1996 by the Institute of Management Development.

The LSP process, when led by a qualified facilitator uses LEGO® bricks as metaphors to create a narrative, a story, a model, a vision.

How you use LEGO® Serious Play® –  the possibilities are limitless:

  • LSP is a method, a process which leads participants through a series of steps to tell a story, create a narrative, build, reflect, and create a shared understanding of an objective and outcome
  • Problem solve with your team, explore ideas and achieve objectives from a new vision or strategy to shorter-term goals of quarterly outcomes
  • Highly effective communication and team building tool
  • Understand values and create shared values for teams, enterprise, individuals
  • Achieve enhanced expression, deeper listening, and better memory
  • Create and agree on shared outcomes

How can LEGO® Serious Play® help you achieve your goals?

  • 100% participation, you get to hear from all your team members, gain their unique and valuable insights. Introvert, extrovert, ambivert, everyone builds and everyone shares their story
  • Fresh ideas, new insights and unlocks knowledge
  • Clarifies complexity, the process aids in making complex information clear, simple, easy to understand and implement
  • It saves time, builds consensus more quickly than traditional methodologies and increases the efficiency of meetings
  • Results focused, a picture is worth a thousand words
  • It helps people understand each other better, building teams, creating a common framework
  • Everyone loves Lego!

It was our pleasure to welcome Sonja from Wild Orange to lead us through a LEGO® Serious Play® exercise to help us get into the creative zone. We ran an exercise to introduce all our CAmpers new and old to each other. The challenge – build a model that explains what makes you happy? Travelling, being in high places, gardening, music festivals, interesting conversations, anything orange! swimming, keeping fit, family, chocolate – we had it all. A great way to team build and would thoroughly recommend it as a great icebreaker.

 Nick Matthews, GM CultureAmp EMEA

Curious? Contact me to chat about how Lego® Serious Play® can transform your team

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