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I invite you to take one step towards creating that rich, full,
the authentic healthy life you want.

To travel the world, walk on the beach, climb mountains,
follow your passion, to learn to trust your intuition again,
to dance across rooftops? No rooftops, ok, but maybe for some of you!

Let’s simplify and focus on what is important and believe me it is not getting your inbox to zero.

Welcome xo

Your Roadmap to Wellbeing Made Simple

Wild Orange is a guide, a roadmap, from foundation to flourish.

Each workbook and series builds on the other.  Focusing on the foundations of good health from breathing, sleeping, eating, good habits and rituals through mindfulness, meditation and play the list goes on.  They also stand alone.  It is your journey, you are in control.

Build a strong foundation for transformation.

Ready to take the first step?  All it takes is one!

Begin here

Begin with Five – Five Pauses – Five Minutes – Five Days.   Sign up for your free download and get started with mindfulness in action.  Take the first step to living well.

If you love it take a look at Breathe to Be a breath work series to support you in rediscovering the transformational power of your own breath.

Complement this with 30 days to Thrive – 30 days of inspiration to start to form new habits, create new rituals.

30 days is fun, simple and something you can fit into the busiest of schedules.

Pre-register for information about Simplify an online course to create a strong foundation for living well.

Breathe to be, calm, less stressed, energized.  The Breathe to be series provides easy to follow breathing exercises, audio, and video to re-introduce you to the power of your breath, your foundation.   Choose to breathe not burn out!  Everything starts with the breath.

30 Days to Thrive   30 days of inspiration to take the first step to change.  Beautifully designed and curated, this delightful card series is one you will love.   Fun, engaging and playful each day you will try a new life-giving activity slowly and gently forming new fabulous habits you want to have.


Simplify coming soon  An online course that dives deeper into breathing, sleeping, mindfulness, and meditation.

Each week we take a topic and dive deeper, have a live call and gather in our closed FB group with the Wild Orange community.

Simplify will help you unpack and implement small changes to live more mindfully, reduce stress, increase life-enhancing activities and let go of those things that no longer serve you.  Learn to say yes to you.

Want in?  Sign up here for more details

Five Minutes - Five Pauses - Five days

Five is an invitation to slow down and regain calm in a sea of busy.  Free workbook and cards.
Wild Orange: Wellbeing Made Simple
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