Breathe to be, calm, less stressed, energized.  The Breathe to be series provides easy to follow breathing exercises, audio, and video to re-introduce you to the power of your breath, your foundation.   Choose to breathe not burn out!  Everything starts with the breath.
30 Days to Thrive   30 days of inspiration to take the first step to change.  Beautifully designed and curated, this delightful card series is one you will love.   Fun, engaging and playful each day you will try a new life-giving activity slowly and gently forming new fabulous habits you want to have.

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My store is built on the philosophy of Pay What You Want (PWYW). Why? My vision for Wild Orange is accessibility for anyone who has a desire to learn and have tools that support their wellbeing.  Many may not be able to pay in full, hence PWYW with a low entry point to ensure that you can start your wellness journey today. To bring Wild Orange to life has taken years of study, writing, creating, testing and getting over my fears, I have loved every second and I wouldn’t change a thing. PWYW for me is a natural fit, perfectly aligned with simplicity and accessibility. I hope you love Wild Orange as much as I have loved creating it. xo

Five Minutes - Five Pauses - Five days

Five is an invitation to slow down and regain calm in a sea of busy.  Free workbook and cards.
Wild Orange: Wellbeing Made Simple

Simplify is coming soon

We’d love to support you on your wellbeing adventure.

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Wild Orange: Wellbeing Made Simple
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